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(KOR-ENG)Suggestion by the President of Kukkiwon Taekwondo 9th Dan Federation, Gyung-duk Kim, to Candidates of Kukkiwon President.
김경덕 국기원 태권도 9단 연맹 회장이 국기원 원장 후보들에게 제언
기사입력: 2019/09/19 [09:38] ⓒ wtu

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Suggestion by the President of Kukkiwon Taekwondo 9th Dan Federation, G.M Gyung-duk Kim, to Candidates of Kukkiwon President.


  © G.M Gyung-duk Kim (WTU)

What do you all candidates of Kukkiwon president have in mind running for the president?


Kukkiwon is now like Warring States period in ancient China.


Everyone is trying to run for the president or director and take everything for granted once they run for the position. I understand how people love to enjoy high position, but they are in a serious misunderstanding.


I am sorry to see how Taekwondo associates in Korea only see one side of many aspects.


What philosophy do you all candidates hold when running for the president?


Aren’t you just pursuing your own interest instead of the vision for Kukkiwon?


Athlete group is now in a professional management these days.


How much expertise do you have in Kukkiwon?


Do you know what the current issues are for Kukkiwon?


How we can solve long-lasting problems in Kukkiwon,


And also how we can restore reputation of Kukkiwon?


Aren’t you just running for the president just to enjoy the position out of mob psychology and trying to find luck out of it?


I will make one suggestion for you.


If you are not confident, just give up running for the president.


It is better late than never.


Suggestion 1) Domestic and overseas screening process for Kukkiwon


Kukkiwon is in dire need of reformation of domestic and overseas screening process policies.


We need to install the Kukkiwon branch both in Korea and overseas.


In Korea, Korea Taekwondo Association, the game group, shall not exercise the right for entrusting the screening procedures.


Korea Taekwondo Association shall only exist as a game group under Korean Olympic Committee but not exercise the right for screening process or issuing Taekwondo education certificate as they belong to an exclusive scope of work in Kukkiwon.


Branches shall be established and operated in each city and do. Do you all have courage to stand against vested right?


As for overseas, Taekwondo will disappear if Kukkiwon is over-issuing the right for screening procedures.


In other words, how many percentages of Taekwondo associates in all over the world do you think participate in the screening process in Kukkiwon? As far as I am concerned, only about 5% of them possess dan certificate of Kukkiwon.   


We need to create branches of Kukkiwon hiring influential figures in the areas to improve the quality of screening process and increasing the number of screening panel members. They say Kukkiwon is a global organization, but why are they receiving budget support from Korean government? If we increase the percentage of screening panel members to 50%, it might be several times higher than government subsidy. We need re-investment on here as well as institutional policies for branch business including education and certificate screening process in the field.


In other words, we need re-investment in each country for efficient budgets compared to the number of screening panel members.


Pum and dan certificates shall be more strictly issued.


Especially, we need a president with passion and ability to have pum and dan certificates from Kukkiwon by continuously having communication with the countries issuing their own dan certificates.


Are you confident to be able to do so?


Suggestion 2) Are you confident to be able to proceed reconstruction of old Kukkiwon building? 


We need to establish Taekwondo administration town in building with basement floors and 20 floors on the ground by taking Kukkiwon site back as it was given off without considering the will of senior Taekwondo associates and to make one-stop administration feasible.


We need a facility for lasting Taekwondo for a long time equipped with Taekwondo item stores in Kukkiwon, World Taekwondo, Asian Taekwondo Union, Korea Taekwondo Association, Taekwondo Promotion Foundation Seoul office, Five Continental Taekwondo Offices in each federation in Korea, Taekwondo-related offices, international meeting room, commercial performance halls, education halls, or other areas.


Especially, we need to check the flow of global Taekwondo after the president of World Taekwondo, Jung-won Cho, and identify the obligations to be pursued for Kukkiwon.


We need to secure budget through in-depth discussion with the government and appoint director and president with policies and visions that Taekwondo groups and members in all over the world can participate in.


Are you confident with it?


Suggestion 3) Traditional Taekwondo restoring business 


We are in dire need of traditional Taekwondo restoring business.


The old president, Woon-yong Kim, has succeeded internationalizing Taekwondo as a sport and providing for the next generations in Taekwondo to survive for the next 100 years


In this course, Taekwondo has lost identity as a martial art but become commercialized.


According to the global history of sports, many of the famous game events disappeared after the Olympic.


If Taekwondo is withdrawn from Olympic, Taekwondo will experience a serious issue for survival.


Therefore, Taekwondo needs to be both sport Taekwondo and martial art Taekwondo.


Especially, we need character education as an advantage of Taekwondo as a martial art. This is an urgent issue.


We need to focus on restoring traditional Taekwondo. I would like to know how much effort you have been making for this and what you have been thinking of for expertise and restoring policies. 


Suggestion 4) We need to have various certificates issued by Kukkiwon authorized by international authenticating organizations  


Taekwondo master certificate has not been authorized by international authenticating organizations.


There was quite an issue in the field of Taekwondo when the government implemented the qualifications for 18-year-old or older sport instructors.


In other words, they have been trying to proceed the equality with other game events.


If Taekwondo would have been certified by international authenticating organizations as a certificate with public confidence, they would have not attempted to abolish the master policy.


This is the urgent issue for director or president to proceed now.


Suggestion 5) Kukkiwon shall be well treated in Korea.


Have you thought of it?


People who are not well treated at home cannot be well treated in society.


The member of the National Assembly with 9-dan certificate of Taekwondo ended up having legal position of Taekwondo as a national sport on March 30, 2018, with agreement of 228 members of the National Assembly after putting much effort.


In addition, Taekwondo Promotion Act is an unprecedented law.


However, the reality of Taekwondo is very poor in Korea.


There is a Taekwondo department, but there is no Taekwondo college. There are broadcastings for fishing, go, baseball, golf, soccer, or martial art, but there is not even a channel for Taekwondo. This is the reality of Taekwondo-originated country.


Muju Taekwondowon is the perfect place for Taekwondo education.


Those who are running for director, president, or chairperson need to proceed to establish national Taekwondo College with Taekwondo Promotion Foundation and the government.   


It is told that we have about 130 countries of sojourn for ambassadors in Korea and 40 countries dispatching consuls to Korea. It is now when the government started participating culture partnership business expanding the Taekwondo masters to more than 100 countries in the world.


We have more than 300 people if recommending 2 ambassadors, consuls, and honor students. We can definitely operate if we include new students in Korea.


If they arrive in Korea 4 years later, we will have 300 leaders and admirers of Korea every year.


This must be the perfect way to improve the reputation of Korea.


You need to make Yeoksam Station as Kukkiwon Station.


We need to write Kukkiwon on direction boards of buses in many lines from 8km ahead of Kukkiwon.


We need to rename Teheran-ro as Kukkiwon-ro.


These issues require you to convince Seoul Council Officers, Gangnam-gu officers, and Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport.


These need to be done for Taekwondo to gain reputation in overseas.


Are you confident with it?


Suggestion 6) Issues of improvement of policies in Kukkiwon

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1. We need to deny the recommendation beyond the scope of city or do under jurisdicti

on on the Kukkiwon online system by establishing the screening recommending online system.


2. Each of the studios is in need of the system for remotely managing new trainees by entering them on Kukkiwon.


3. We need to get rid of a policy for managing one studio by one master, but ID shall be issued by each studio reducing the number of criminals from unjust law.


4. We need to remove clique to be formed through honest and humane conversation among directors for the management of employees in Kukkiwon and come up with justice to transparently deal with personnel policies.


Especially, we need to stay away from external power on personnel policies or regulations that depend on the power from outside.


Furthermore, we need to strictly adhere to obligations for thoroughly managing secrets.


5. Game events held by Kukkiwon including Hanmadang shall be held directly by Kukkiwon through their own budgets.


6. Game events held and sponsored by Kukkiwon or hosted under the name of Kukkiwon in foreign countries shall be evenly distributed in five continents.


7. We need to promote senior meeting and use it as a practical advisory group that consists of Taekwondo masters with 9-dan certificates.


8. We need to classify pum-dan uniform and symbolize them system of dan with them.


9. We need to establish official research lab to proceed R&D on the history of Taekwondo, dynamics, physics, biology, and engineering.


10. We need to develop traditional Taekwondo training manual that is subdivided in pum and dan of each level and translate them in Korean, English, Chinese, and Spanish and distribute them in those languages.


11. We need to make a research group on restoring old tools such as traditional Taekwondo hands/legs training parts and actually restore them.


12. We need to newly organize Taekwondo textbooks written so far (Kukkiwon textbook from Osung Publishing Company/ Taekwondo Manual by Hong-hee Choi/Soobahkdo Manual by Gi Gwang/Real Game Taekwondo by Young-soo Park, etc.) and make a new book.


13. We need to make Taekwondo opera animation and Taekwondo movies.


14. We need to establish martial integrated demonstration group such as International Taekwondo Demonstration Group or Mask Performance Group and manage them.


These are what Kukkiwon needs to do.


I am insisting that those who can do aforementioned tasks with confidence need to be elected as director, president, or chairperson.


We, 9-dan group, will pay close attention to them.


Thank you for reading such a long article.


(Corporation: President of Kukkiwon Taekwondo 9th Dan Association, G.M Gyung-duk Kim)


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-김경덕 국기원 태권도 9단연맹 회장이 국기원 원장 후보들에게 제언-


국기원 원장 후보님들 어떤 생각들을 가지고 출마 하셨습니까?


작금의 국기원은 마치 춘추전국 시대 같은 느낌을 주고 있습니다.


요즘 너나 할 것 없이 원장후보다 이사후보다 하면서 마치 출마하면 다 되는 것처럼 하고들 다니는 것은 사람은 저 잘난 맛에 산다고는 하나 너무들 착각 속에서 움직이는 것 같습니다.


그래서 우리 태권도인들의 단순한 한 단면을 보는 것 같아 씁쓸한 마음마저 듭니다.


후보님들 어떤 철학을 가지고 출마 하셨습니까?


국기원 비전을 생각하시기보다 혹시 자기영달만을 위해 나서신 것이 아니십니까?


체육단체도 이제는 전문경영인 시대가 도래 되었습니다.


국기원에 대한 전문지식이 얼마나 있으십니까!


국기원의 현안 사항은 무엇이고


국기원 만신창이 상처를 어떻게 치유 할 것이며,


실추된 명예를 어떻게 회복시켜야 되는지 해법은 가지고 계십니까?


막연히 군중심리에 의해 밥상에 숟갈 하나 더 놓자는 심정 혹은 어부지리[漁父之利] 요행으로 출마의 변을 삼으신 건 아니시겠죠!


제안하나 하겠습니다.


자신 없으신 분 모두 출마를 포기하세요.


지금이라도 늦지 않았습니다.



제안 1) 국기원은 국내외 심사


국기원은 국내외 심사 제도를 시급히 개혁해야 됩니다.


국내외 할 것 없이 국기원 분원부터 설치해야 됩니다.


국내는 경기단체인 대한태권도 협회에서 심사 위임권한을 행사해서는 안 됩니다.


대한민국태권도협회는 대한체육회 산하의 경기단체로만 존속되어야 하며 심사 및 태권도 교육 자격증 발급 등은 국기원고유 업무로서 행사되어져야 합니다.


각시도별 분원을 설치 운영 되어야 하는데 기득권층과 투쟁할 용기가 있으십니까!


해외 역시 지금같이 국기원에서 떡고물 나눠 주듯이 심사권 남발하면 태권도는 지구상에서 사라집니다.


다시 말씀드리자면 국기원에서 전 세계 태권도인 중 몇 퍼센트가 국기원 심사를 보나요? 겨우 5%도 되지 않는 숫자가 국기원 단증을 보유 하고 있는 것으로 알고 있습니다.


국가별 분원을 만들어 현지 유력한 인사를 기용해서 심사 질을 높이고 응심자수를 상향조정 해야 됩니다. 국기원이 세계기구라면서 왜 한국정부로부터 예산지원을 받나요? 50%로 심사 응심자만 끌어 올려도 정부지원금의 몇 배가 될 수 있습니다. 여기에는 반드시 재투자가 이루어져 현지에서 각종교육 및 자격심사 등 분원사업으로 이루어지도록 제도적 장치가 필요합니다.


즉 응심자 수 대비 효율적으로 예산이 현지국가에 재투자 되어야 한다는 뜻입니다.


품·단증 발급은 보다 엄격해야 되며 특히 자체단증 발급국가와 꾸준한 대화로 국기원 품·단증으로 회귀토록 하는 소신과 능력자의 원장이 필요한 시기입니다.


자신 있으십니까?



제안2) 낡아빠진 국기원 건물 다시 재건축 추진하실 자신 있습니까!


선배님들의 앞을 내다보지 못한 생각으로 되돌려 줘버린 국기원부지 환원 받아 지하5층 지상20층 건물 지어 태권도 행정타운 건축해서 원스톱 행정이 펼쳐질 수 있도록 해야 합니다.


국기원은 물론이고 세계태권도연맹, 아세아태권도연맹, 대한민국태권도 협회 ,태권도진흥재단 서울사무소 국내 각 연맹체 세계5개 대륙연맹 태권도사무소 태권도 유관단체 사무소, 국제회의장, 상설공연장, 교육장, 각종 태권도 용품매장 등이 갖추어진 태권도 백년대계를 위한 시설이 반드시 필요합니다.


특히 세계태권도연맹 조정원 총재 이후의 세계태권도의 흐름을 반드시 점검해서 국기원과 함께 가야될 책무가 무엇인지 알고 실행해야 합니다.


정부와 심도 있게 논의해서 예산을 확보 하고 전 세계 태권도 단체 및 회원들에게 동참 할 수 있는 정책과 비전을 가진 분이 이사장과 원장이 되어야 합니다.


자신 있으십니까?



제안3) 전통 태권도 복원사업


전통 태권도 복원사업이 시급합니다.


고 김운용 총재는 태권도를 스포츠화 시켜 국제화에 성공함으로 후진들에게 100년의 먹을거리를 재공 했습니다.


그 과정에서 무도 태권도는 상당히 희석 되어 버렸고 태권도는 그 과정에서 상업화 되면서 무도 본래의 정신이 사라졌습니다.


세계 체육사를 살펴보면 올림픽 창설 이후에 수많은 인기 종목들이 역사의 뒤안길로 사라져 갔습니다.


만약에 태권도가 올림픽에서 퇴출된다면 태권도는 큰 위기에 봉착 할 것입니다.


따라서 우리 태권도는 스포츠 태권도와 무도 태권도가 상생해야 됩니다.


특히 무도 태권도의 장점인 인성교육이 수반되어야 하며 시급한 과제입니다.


전통태권도 복원에 심혈을 기울여야하는데 과거 이 부분에 대해서 얼마나 노력 하셨고 전문적 지식과 복원정책을 구상하고 계시는지요?



제안 4) 국기원 발급 각종 자격증을 국제 인증기구로부터 인증 받아야 됩니다.


태권도 사범 자격증은 국제 인증기구로부터 인정받지 못한 자격증입니다.


정부가 18세 이상 스포츠 지도자 자격 시행 시 태권도계는 발칵 뒤집힌 적이 있습니다.


즉 타 종목과의 형평성으로 추진을 계속하려고 했습니다.


만약 태권도 사범 자격증이 공신력 있는 국제 인증기구로 부터 인증 받았다면 사범제도를 폐지하려고 했겠습니까?


이사장 원장 이사가 되실 분들 이 문제 시급히 추진되어야 할 과제입니다.



제안 5) 국기원 우리나라에서부터 대우 받아야 합니다.


생각 해 보셨습니까!


집에서 대우받지 못하는 사람이 밖에서 대우 받겠습니까!


태권도 9단 이동섭 국회의원이 2018년도에 국회의원 228명의 동의를 얻어 각고의 노력 끝에 3월30일 국기태권도 [國技跆拳道]로 법적 지위를 얻게 되었습니다.


또한 태권도 진흥법은 전례에 없는 태권도 특별법입니다. 그러나 우리의 현실은 열악하기 그지없습니다.


태권도 학과는 있어도 태권도 대학은 없으며 낚시방송 바둑방송 야구 골프 축구 격투기 방송은 있어도 태권도 채널 방송 하나 없는 것이 태권도 종주국의 현실입니다.


무주 태권도원 태권도 교육장소로 최적입니다.


이사장, 원장, 이사가 되실 분들 정부와 태권도진흥재단과 함께 국립 태권도 대학 추진해야 합니다.


우리나라 대사 주재국이 130여 개국 영사 파견국이 40여 개국에 이른다고 합니다. 이미 정부가 문화동반자 사업 등 해외 파견사범이 이제 100개국으로 확장되는 시점에 있습니다.


대사 영사 장학생 2명씩만 추천해줘도 300명이 넘습니다.


국내 입학자 까지 합치면 왜 운영이 안 되겠습니까.


이들이 4년 후 귀국 한다면 매년 300명의 지도자와 친한파가 생겨나는 것입니다.


이보다 더 좋은 국격(國格)을 높일 방안 있습니까!


역삼역을 국기원역으로 추진 하셔야 합니다.


국기원 전방8km전부터 각종 노선버스 안내판에 국기원이 명기되어야 합니다.


테헤란로 국기원로로 개칭 추진해야 됩니다.


이런 사안들은 서울시의원, 강남구의원, 국토교통부 등의 설득이필요합니다. 무엇보다도 국민합의가 이루어 저야 됩니다.이런 대우 받지 못하는 태권도 외국에 큰소리 칠 수 있겠습니까!


자신 있으십니까!



제안 6)국기원의 제도개선문제


1. 심사 추천 온라인 구축으로 관활 시도를 벗어난 추천은 국기원 온라인 시스템에서 거부 하도록 해야 합니다.


2. 각 도장에서 신입생이 들어오면 국기원에 입력되어 원적이 관리되는 시스템 개발이 필요 합니다.


3. 1인 1도장 제도를 없애고 도장별 ID를 발급하여 악법으로 인한 범죄자 양산을 줄여야 합니다.


4. 국기원내 임직원 관리에 대해 임원 들이 인간적인 진솔한 대화를 통하여 파벌조성을 혁파하고 인사 정책을 투명하게 해야 할 정의감이 있어야 합니다.


특히 외부세력들에 의해 좌지우지되는 인사정책이나 시행세칙 등이 외풍 없이 운영되어야 합니다.


아울러 기밀 보안사항등은 철저히 관리되어야 할 의무감이 수반 되도록 해야 할 것입니다.


5. 한마당 등 국기원이 주최 주관하는 대회는 국기원이 직접 예산 투입을 해서 국기원에서 개최 되어야 합니다.


6. 국기원에서 주최 주관하는 해외대회 또는 여타국에서 유치한 국기원 명칭사용 대회는 5대륙에 균등하게 배분되어 개최 되어야 합니다.


7. 원로회의를 활성화 시켜서 9단 보유자들로 구성하여 실질적 자문기구로 활용하여야 합니다.


8. 품단 도복을 구분하여 단의 체계를 상징하도록 해야 합니다.


9. 명실상부한 연구소를 설치하여 태권도 역사학 역학 물리학 생체학 기공학 등의 연구 개발이 이루어 저야 합니다.


10. 급별 품·단별 세분화된 전통태권도 수련 매뉴얼이 개발되어 한. 영. 중. 서반아어로 번역 보급 되어 저야 합니다.


11. 전통태권도 수족단련구등 옛 용품 복구에 연구진이 투입되어 복원 되어야 합니다.


12. 지금까지 있었던 태권도 교본을(오성출판사 국기원 교본/최홍희 태권도지침/ 황기 수박도 대감/ 박영수 실전태권도 등등) 총 망라 해서 책으로 만들어 져야 합니다.


13. 태권도 오페라 애니메이션 및 태권도 영화가 만들어 저야 합니다.


14. 국립태권도시범단 및 탈공연단 과 같은 마샬 융합시범단을 창설해서 운영되어야 합니다.


이러한 것들이 국기원에서 할 일입니다. 이 일을 자신 있게 추진 할 수 있는 분이 이사장 원장 이사가 되셔야 합니다.우리 9단회는 눈 부릅뜨고 지켜보겠습니다.


끝으로 장문의 글 읽어 주셔서 감사합니다.


(사단법인: 김경덕 국기원 태권도 9단 연맹 회장)

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