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Colombia Open 2017 (G-1) – Day 2: Local athletes reign with 8 titles as Brazil finishes with 4
16-17 March 2017, G-1 category event
기사입력: 2017/03/23 [23:32] ⓒ wtu
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By Pau Aguilar of Spain

Round by round results: Day 1 / Day 2


Day 2 – Report

Local athletes clearly dominated the 2017 edition of the Colombia Open after grabbing 8 out of the 16 gold medals of the event in the Senior categories. The second most successful nation ended up being Brazil with a total of 4 titles, while Puerto Rico was the third country to take more than 1 gold with 2. Peru and Chile clinched 1 title each to complete the 16 Senior divisions in competition.


Day 2 – Final Podiums

Female’s -49 kg

1 – Talisca Reis (Selección Nacional, BRA)
2 – Camila Rodriguez (Liga de Taekwondo de Boyaca, COL)
3 – Daniela Prieto Beltran (Selección Nacional, COL)
3 – Erika Lopez (Selección Nacional, COL)


Male’s -58 kg

1 – Roman Mosquera (Selección Nacional, COL)
2 – Juan Sebastian Gonzalez (Selección Nacional, ARG)
3 – Nestor David Perez (Selección Nacional, COL)
3 – Salvador Landeo (Selección Nacional, PER)


Female’s -57 kg

1 – Laura Luz Alvarez (Liga de Taekwondo de Boyaca, COL)
2 – Coralia Abadia (Selección Nacional, GUA)
3 – Debbie Natalia Yopasa (Selección Nacional, COL)
3 – Camila Caceres (Selección Nacional, PER)


Male’s -68 kg

1 – Alexander Ortiz (Selección Nacional, PER)
2 – Miguel Angel Trejo (Selección Nacional, COL)
3 – Federico Gonzalez (Selección Nacional, URU)
3 – Oscar Muñoz (Selección Nacional, COL)

Female’s -67 kg

1 – Katherin Dumar (Liga de Taekwondo de Boyaca, COL)
2 – Valeria Loureda (Selección Nacional, PAR)


Male’s -80 kg

1 – Elvis Barbosa (Selección Nacional, PUR)
2 – Baena Camilo (Selección Nacional, COL)
3 – Moises Molinares (Selección Nacional, COL)


Female’s +73 kg

1 – Jessica Paola Bravo (Selección Nacional, COL)
2 – Gloria Mosquera (Selección Nacional, COL)
3 – Helorrayne Paiva (Pro Team Taekwondo, BRA)


Male’s +87 kg

1 – Gabriel Diaz (Selección Nacional, PUR)
2 – Walter Saldarriaga (Selección Nacional, COL)
3 – Jhon Trujillo (Selección Nacional, COL)


Day 1 – Report

Local athletes with 4 gold medals were the most successful ones after the first day of action wrapped up at Colombia Open 2017. Brazil performed also at a high level after collecting no less than 3 titles on Thursday, while the other gold of the day was taken by Chile.


The Colombian fighters who climbed to the top of the podium on Thursday were: Andres Montes, who proved to be the strongest in Men’s -54 kg after getting rid of his compatriot Avella in the final by a close 14-13; Nayder Lozano, who shone over the rest of competitors in Men’s -74 kg after beating Becerra from Chile for the gold in another tight final match (9-8); Alba Lucero, who dominated the Women’s 62 kg division after defeating Yakovleva from Ukraine thanks to a disqualification; and Andrea Ramirez, who set the pace in Women’s -46 kg after edging Calderon from Peru in the crucial fight by a clear 7-1.


The rest of medallists can be found on the information below.


Day 1 – Final Podiums



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