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VOD(KOR-ENG) "Kukkiwon 9th Dan Highest Dan level Society" which cons
국기원 9단 최고 고단자회 "최고 고단자들로서 향후 태권도계 잘못된 현안을 바로 잡는데 적극 앞장서겠다!"
기사입력: 2017/08/15 [00:37] ⓒ wtu
Reporter AN CHO WOON 안초운
▲     © Members of Kukkiwon 9th Dan Highest Dan level Society (WTU)


"Kukkiwon 9th Dan Highest Dan level Society" which consists of the highest Dan holders in the Kukkiwon is willing to actively take the lead in correcting wrong situation of Taekwondo in the future.


“Kukkiwon 9th Dan Highest Dan level Society" (Chairperson Kim Jung-rok, Secretary General Kim Gyeong-deok, hereinafter referred to as "The Highest Dan level Society"), which reached the divine Taekwondo, hosted the workshop with attending 100 members at the Taekwondowon, Muju County in August 12-13, 2017.


This workshop had the program for studying and presenting the best thing to do for Taekwondo as well as the education about the mental attitude and role that the Kukkiwon 9th Dan holders should have.


This workshop will be a chance to broaden the base of knowledge by the famous lecturers of the gymnasium, Taekwondo spirit and CPR, the present state of elderly well-being, and Taekwondo Poomsae, which were developed considering the age of participants. It was also received a positive evaluation.


In particular, the Kukkiwon 9th Dan Highest Dan level Society was aimed to become a momentum for Taekwondo development by conveying the philosophical ideals of Taekwondo to juniors rather than being a group of simple clubs.


Kim Jung-heon, secretary general of PTF, on behalf of TPF presented a commemorative gift to the attending members at the workshop, which there was friendly atmosphere.


Kim Gyeong-deok, secretary general of the Highest Dan level Society, said, "In the future, I will continue to provide excellent education to help the most highly qualified members. I will play a pivotal role in Taekwondo."


On the other hand, the Highest Dan level Society makes a plan for the ceremony of Korea President Moon Jae-in’s breaking board and the 240 members’ marching in Korean tradition gown which will be given by Korean Government on the street of Gwanghwamun Plaza in order to promote Taekwondo at Taekwondo Day, on September 4, 2017.


In particular, the Highest Dan level Society which has 13 years history announced that it should actively take the lead for the future of the junior Taekwondo-ins from now on.


In addition, it said that it should make the development of Taekwondo the top priority by gathering the Kukkiwon 9th Dan holders from all over the world.


▲     © From left, G.M Kim jung-rok ,  Hwang Jeong-Su mayor(Gun-su) of Mujuu count, G.M Kim kyung-duk, Kim Jung-heon secretary general of Taekwondo Promotion Foundation ,8th DAN (WTU)



▲     © G.M Lee kyu-hyun's Poomsae Education (WTU)


*Video voice messages: First G.M Kim jung-rok (President of Kukkiwon 9th Dan Highest Dan level society)  

▲     © G.M Kim jung-rok  (WTU)

This workshop is an annual event of Kukkiwon 9th Dan Highest Dan level Society. When it comes to 9th dan in Kukkiwon, it means that it is the highest Dan rank in the Taekwondo.


 So, actually there are few things they can learn in Taekwondo field, but according to the old saying, "The elderly learn letters from their grandchildren."


As the Taekwondo-in get old and as Taekwondo highest Dan rank, they need the knowledge not only about professional Taekwondo knowledge but also about whole society, especially they have reached the age that they should pay attention to heath.


That's the reason we wanted to do something through education, so we hold this workshop about how to live heathy in old age and as Highest Dan Holders every year.


Therefore, although the Taekwondo-in get very old, they should be healthy both spiritually and physically to affect in every society field as well as in Taekwondo field as Taewondo learners. This is why we hold this annual workshop.


I think Kukkiwon 9th Dan Highest Dan level Societyhave a lot of work to do. When I took office as the president of it, I think other organizations related to Taekwondo should not treat the Kukkiwon 9th Dan Highest Dan level Societyas just a gathering for friendship, so I planned to register it as body corporate to make it affect whole Taekwondo field, but it hasn't done yet.


Whenever some pending problems about Taekwondo happen, other people wondering what they are doing, Kukkiwon 9th Dan Highest Dan level Society hasbeen reproached a lot.


However, they just institutionally hold the highest Dan position. In fact, there is no climate for organizations related to Taekwondo to respect the members, so there are lots of parts that our thinking can't be reached.


But many young Taekwondo-in want us to voice their opinion about the pending issues in the future.


Also, they say the Kukkiwon 9th Dan Highest Dan level Societyshould lead for correct development of Taekwondo a lot.


Thus, we are preparing with the decision that we have to set the go-ahead goal of Taekwondo through this workshop and general meeting today.


This year is the 13th year that the union has founded. When it was started first, there were only members who must have the 1stGrade Master License of Kukkiwon.


But it has changed a little bit. After promotion to 9th Dan, anyone can join the union by themselves and get the right of a member.


Currently, there are about 750 domestic members of 9th Dan holder and 150 abroad members.


Among them, 236 members are registered as official member of the Kukkiwon 9th Dan Highest Dan level Society. And besides Korean members, we invited foreign 9th Dan members last MUJU World TKD Championship, trying to make the position for them with support from the foundation.


After the investigation for it, however, there were no pure the Kukkiwon 9th Dan Highest Dan level Societyin the world since there were both 8th Dan and 9th Dan members in the U.S. union.


Thus, actually we couldn't go ahead with the plan. But from now on, other foreign 9th Dan unions can be organized like our union and will have links with it.


And after that, I have a prospect that the Kukkiwon 9th Dan Highest Dan level Society can literally do a main role in Taekwondo.


Second: G.M Kim kyung-duk Secretary general    

Hello, nice to meet you. I'm Kim Gyeong-Deok, the secretary general of Kukkiwon 9th Dan Highest Dan level Society.


▲     © G.M Kim kyung-duk (WTU)

Taekwondo has been globalized all around the world, so there are about 800 Kukkiown 9th Dan Holders. There are 236 Korean members in our union, and we have tightened harmony and solidarity among the members through various meeting, events, or workshop.


Today we are also working to make a choice with 100 members through the workshop at Taekwondowon in Muju-Goon. In our union, we are focusing on the training education to develop identity and direction of Taekwondo. In this workshop, we are sharing the spirit of Taekwondo, CPR, the current statue of elderly well-being, and Taekwondo Poomsae.


On September 4th, the Taekwondo Day, we will probably hold the opening in Taekwondo-won, and we are trying to hold major events in Gwanghwamun Square.

After consultation with the organizers, the President Moon Jae-In will directly break a board that our member will hold, and we will do a parade to show the identity of Taekwondo.


We plan to have all 236 members join the event and do the parade with wearing Do-Po(Korean gentlemen's gown) that the organizer will make for them. This is because our Taekwondo feels sense of crisis since Karate was selected as formal games in Tokyo Olympic in 2020.


To take action against Karate in Olympic, we are going to hold such a quite large event since this year with cooperation of all Taekwondo-in from 1st Poom/Dan to 9th Dan, to show the identity and importance of Taekwondo. I wish all Koreans to watch the event and pay attention to Taekwondo.


Moreover, Taekwondo has chosen as a formal game in Olympic in spite of being born from this small country, and there are no countries that don't know Taekwondo because Taekwondo has 208 nation members following FIFA.


Thus, I hope that all Koreans watch over Taekwondo and give lots of support not to lose its position from the 2020 Tokyo Olympic. Thank you.


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         입신(入神)의 경지, ()들의 모임!, ‘국기원 태권도9단 최고 고단자회 연수교육


태권도 입신의 경지에 이른 “국기원 9단 최고 고단자회”(회장 김정록, 사무총장 김경덕, 이하, 고단자회)는 8월12~13 무주군 국립태권도원에서 100여명이 참가한 연수교육을 실시했다.


이번 연수교육은 국기원 9단 최고 고단자가 지녀야할 정신적 자세 및 역할에 대한 교육은 물론 최고 고단자로서 태권도를 위해 해야 할 일 등을 연구하고 발표하는 시간을 가졌다.


12일 오후 태권도원 운영관에서 막을 연 개회식에는 김정록 국기원 9단 최고 고단자회 회장을 비롯해 황정수 무주군수, 김경덕(대한태권도협회 상임부회장, 경기도태권도협회 회장)국기원 9단 최고 고단자회 사무총장, 김중헌 태권도진흥재단 사무총장 등이 참석했다.


이번 연수교육은 참가자들의 연령을 고려해 개발된 건강에 알맞은 체조, 태권도정신과 심폐소생술, 노인 웰빙(Well-being)의 현주소, 태권도 품새, 특히 유명강사를 초청해 지식의 기반을 넓히는 계기가 돼 참석자들로부터 긍정적인 평가를 받기도 했다.


특히 9단의 모임이 단순한 동호회 성격의 모임이 아니라 태권도의 철학적 이념 등을 후배들에게 전달해 태권도발전에 동력이 된다는 목표로 진행돼 더욱 연수교육의 의미를 더했다.


태권도진흥재단 측에서는 이번 최고고단자 연수교육생들에게 김중헌 사무총장을 통해 기념선물도 전달해 한때 교육장은 화기애애한 분위기가 감돌기도 했다.


김경덕 사무총장은 앞으로도 최고고단자들에게 체계적으로 도움을 줄 수 있는 알찬 교육을 진행할 예정이며 단순한 모임이 아니라 태권도계의 중추적 역할을 할 예정이다.”말하면서 이번 연수교육을 치르는 소감을 밝혔다.


한편 오는 9월 4일 고단자회는 태권도의 날에 서울 광화문 광장에서 문재인 대통령과 송판 격파 행사를 치루고 이어 한국정부가 240여명의 전 회원에게 선물하는 도포를 입고 거리행진 등을 통한 태권도 홍보 계획을 갖고 있다.

특히 고자단회는 13년의 역사속에 태권도 최고 고단자들로서 태권도계 잘못된 현안 등에 미온적이었으나 후배들의 앞날을 위해 적극적으로 앞장서겠다고 천명했다.

또한 전 세계에 퍼져있는 9단들을 최대한 영입하여 힘을 모아 태권도발전을 최우선 과제로 삼겠다고 밝혔다.


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