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Argentina Open 2017 (G-1): Brazil overwhelms rivals with 15 Senior golds
Buenos Aires, Argentina(G-1 category event)
기사입력: 2017/08/23 [22:06] ⓒ wtu
▲     © Iris Tang Sing (BRA-red), W-49 kg champion in Buenos Aires (WTU)


By Pau Aguilar of Spain


Buenos Aires, Argentina (G-1 category event)


Brazil completely dominated the 2017 edition of the Argentina Open after collecting no less than 15 out of 16 Senior titles in Buenos Aires last weekend. The other gold medal was taken by a local athlete, Martin Sio, who proved to be the strongest in the Men’s +87 kg after defeating Stephen Lambdin from USA by 4-2 in the final.


The 15 golden fighter for Brazil in the competition were;

Valeria Santos, who climbed to the top of the podium in W-46 after getting rid of Tournier from Argentina by a close 15-14; Iris Tang Sing, who left no chances in W-49 after beating Zamora from Guatemala by a clear 24-11 for the title; Leonor Lima, who tasted glory in W-53 after outscoring her compatriot reis by 6-4; Carneiro, who was the best in W–57 after edging her team mate Pereira by 7-2 in the final clash; Dias, who tasted gold in W-62 after proving to be stronger than another Brazilian, Albano, by 5-1; Banks, who had to get rid of another team mate as Morais by withdrawal to reach the top of the podium in W-67; Pereira, who defeated Souza from the same nation by 2-0 to reign in W-73; Siqueira, who was the best of the two finalists in W+73, beating Wegscheider from Argentina by a comfortable 13-0; Souza, who was crowned as the M-87 king after gettind rid of the local Salimbeni by 13-5; Melo, who was better than another compatriot, Alves, in the M-54 kg final (16-8); Neto, the golden man in M-58 after outscoring Gonzalez from Argentina by 22-13; Da Silva, who had to beat a team mate such as Enju (12-9) to taste gold in Buenos Aires in M-63; Pontes, the best in M-68 after his victory over Morales from Chile by withdrawal; Almeida, who defeated yet another fighter from Chile to reign in M-74 (17-6); and Chaves, who had to face his compatriot Ostapiv in the M-80 crucial fight to kiss the gold medal in the podium (31-28).


Final Podiums

Female’s -46 Kg

1 – Valeria Santos (BRA)
2 – Sofia Tournier (ARG)
3 – Andrea Franco Rivero (BOL)
3 – Shoanny Montenegro (CHI)

Male’s -54 Kg

1 – Paulo Melo (BRA)
2 – Adriano Alves (BRA)
3 – Matheus Silva (BRA)
3 – Ismael Barbosa (BRA)

Female’s -49 Kg

1 – Iris Tang Sing (BRA)
2 – Elizabeth Zamora (GUA)
3 – Belen Briceno Norambuena (CHI)
3 – Nivea Barros (BRA)

Male’s -58 Kg

1 – Joao Miguel Neto (BRA)
2 – Sebastian Gonzalez (ARG)
3 – Juliano Lima (BRA)
3 – Aaron Lima (BRA)

Female’s -53 Kg

1 – Leonor Lima (BRA)
2 – Talisca Reis (BRA)
3 – Jamila Tanna (BRA)
3 – Carla Salinas (ARG)

Male’s -63 Kg

1 – William Da Silva (BRA)
2 – Felipe Enju (BRA)
3 – Lucas Fausto (BRA)
3 – Siro Sobrino (ARG)

Female’s -57 Kg

1 – Celydiene Carneiro (BRA)
2 – Maria Isabella Pereira (BRA)
3 – Josefina Arzuaga (URU)
3 – Larissa Gorge (BRA)

Male’s -68 Kg

1 – Edival Pontes (BRA)
2 – Ignacio Morales (CHI)
3 – Andres Zelaya (GUA)
3 – Diego Almeida (BRA)

Female’s -62 Kg

1 – Barbara Dias (BRA)
2 – Clecia Albano (BRA)
3 – Guadalupe Schiavoni (ARG)
3 – Natalia Desterro (BRA)

Male’s -74 Kg

1 – Gustavo Almeida (BRA)
2 – Osvaldo Rodriguez (CHI)
3 – Matheus Borges (BRA)
3 – Gabriel Nascimento Da Silva (BRA)

Female’s -67 Kg

1 – Luiza Banks (BRA)
2 – Victoria Morais (BRA)
3 – Fernanda Soares De Souza (BRA)
3 – Alicia Marcela Valdez Sanchez (PAR)

Male’s -80 Kg

1 – Joan Pedro Chaves (BRA)
2 – Lucas Ostapiv (BRA)
3 – Elvis Barbosa (PUR)
3 – André De Oliveira Bilia (BRA)

Female’s -73 Kg

1 – Raiany Pereira (BRA)
2 – Ana Souza (BRA)
3 – Nathassia Souza (BRA)
3 – Florencia Barrera (ARG)

Male’s -87 Kg

1 – Leandro Souza (BRA)
2 – Leonardo Salimbeni (ARG)
3 – Pedro Vidotte (BRA)
3 – Edson Junior (BRA)

Female’s +73 Kg

1 – Gabriela Siqueira (BRA)
2 – Paula Eliana Wegscheider (ARG)

Male’s +87 Kg

1 – Martin Sio (ARG)
2 – Stephen Lambdin (USA)
3 – Guilherme Cezário Felix (BRA)
3 – Braian Elliot (URU)



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