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Austrian Open 2018 (G-1): Croatia tops the medal count in Innsbruck with 5 golds
Austrian Open 2018 Kyorugi 25-27 May 2018 G-1 category event Innsbruck, Austria
기사입력: 2018/05/31 [18:19] ⓒ wtu
▲     © Lovre Brecic (CRO-blue), champion of the M-63 kg division (WTU)


By Pau Aguilar of Spain


Round by round results: Seniors / Juniors / Cadets

Seniors – Report

Croatia shone in Austrian territory this weekend after grabbing no less than 5 Senior gold medals at Austrian Open 2018, which wrapped up today in Innsbruck. Germany and Egypt with 2 titles were the other nationts to reach the top of the podium in more than one occasion, while Ireland, USA, Russia, Poland, Brazil, Slovenia and Honduras tasted gold once each to complete the 16 Senior divisions in competition.


The golden athletes for Croatia in Austria were: Lovre Brecic, who proved to be the strongest in the Men’s -63 kg division after getting rid of his compatriot Glasnovic by a clear 26-6 in the final; Piero Maric, who was the best in Men’s -74 kg after beating Mehdipournejad from Germany by a comfortable 24-13 in the crucial fight of the draw; Dinko Segedin, who had to defeat another team mate as Ivan Sapina by a close 10-9 to taste glory in the Men’s -87 kg category; Bruna Vuletic, who climbed to the top of the Women’s -57 kg division after outscoring Asemani from Belgium by 2-0 in the sudden death period of the final; and Ivana Babic, who edged another Belgian athlete as Roebben in the gold medal match of the Women’s -62 kg draw to obtain the title.


The rest of Senior medallists can be found on the information below, while the complete results of the Junior and Cadet divisions are available above this report. Stay connected to WTM to know the latest news on our sport around the globe!


Seniors – Final Podiums

Category: Seniors Male A -54 / Fin (17 competitors)

1 – David Kim
Army Wcap USA
2 – Dionysios Rapsomanikis
Ac Gaia GRE
3 – Daniel Chiovetta
Bayerische Taekwondo Union GER
3 – Daniel Lo Pinto
Asd Taekwondo 16 ITA

Category: Seniors Male A -58 / Fly (25 competitors)

1 – Jack Woolley
South Dublin Taekwondo IRL
2 – Damian Villa
Damian Villa USA
3 – Mohamed Farag
Egypt National Team EGY
3 – Marumo Moloisane
Team Lesotho LES

Category: Seniors Male A -63 / Bantam (29 competitors)

1 – Lovre Brecic
TKD Marjan CRO
2 – Leon Glasnovic
TKD Marjan CRO
3 – William Jackson
William Jackson, Iv USA
3 – Iorda

Category: Seniors Male A -74 / Light (26 competitors)

1 – Piero Maric
Taekwondo Club Casper CRO
2 – Kasra Mehdipournejad
TVBB Elite Berlin GER
3 – Attilio Fabio Ventola
Taekwondo Gold Team ITA
3 – Faysal Sawadogo
Burkina Faso National Team BUR

Category: Seniors Male A -80 / Welter (11 competitors)

1 – Karol Holubowicz
Azs Awf Warszawa POL
2 – Miguel Ferrera
Honduras National Team Senior HON
3 – Seif Eissa
Egypt National Team EGY
3 – Aleksandar Radojkovic
Taekwondo Oberndorf AUT

Category: Seniors Male A -87 / Middle (10 competitors)

1 – Dinko Segedin
Forteca CRO
2 – Ivan Sapina
Osvit CRO
3 – Luigi Traversa
Accademia Dorica ITA
3 – Bryan Zonderop
Taekwondo School De Tombe NED

Category: Seniors Male A +87 / Heavy (10 competitors)

1 – Mohamed Ayman
Egypt National Team EGY
2 – Yoann Miangue
Cosmatkd Arcueil FRA
3 – Georgios Bilalis
A.C.Asteras Loutrakiou GRE
3 – Luka Mavracic
TK Metalac Zagreb CRO

Category: Seniors Female A -46 / Fin (13 competitors)

1 – Letícia Lérica Oliveira
Liga Vale Brazil BRA
2 – Shayna Guerra
Taekwondo Özer GER
3 – Sanja Maljkovic
Osvit CRO
3 – Özlem Gürüz
Landeskader Hamburg GER

Category: Seniors Female A -49 / Fly (11 competitors)

1 – Nour Abdelsalam
Egypt National Team EGY
2 – Anastasiia Anokhina
Altay Team RUS
3 – Chia Yin Sung
Austrian Open TPE
3 – Robin Didden
Koryosports NED

Category: Seniors Female A -53 / Bantam (14 competitors)

1 – Ela Aydin
TSV Dachau 1865 GER
2 – Christina Schoenegger
TWS Innsbruck AUT
3 – Roxana Nothaft
Bayerische Taekwondo Union GER
3 – Vanessa Beckstein
Bayerische Taekwondo Union GER

Category: Seniors Female A -57 / Feather (18 competitors)

1 – Bruna Vuletic
Taekwondo Club Marjan CRO
2 – Raheleh Asemani
Flemish Topsport Team BEL
3 – Jolanta Tarvida
Hansu Club Team LAT
3 – Radwa Abdelkader
Egypt National Team EGY

Category: Seniors Female A -62 / Light (18 competitors)

1 – Ivana Babic
TKD Marjan CRO
2 – Laura Roebben
Flemish Topsport Team BEL
3 – Ara White
Ara White USA
3 – Rewan Refaei
Egypt National Team EGY

Category: Seniors Female A -67 / Welter (14 competitors)

1 – Dunja Lemajic
TKD Dragon SLO
2 – Athanasia Mitsopoulou
Aiantas A.C. GRE
3 – Katherine Alvarado
Costa Rica National Team CRC
3 – Iveta Jirankova
Czech Team CZE

Category: Seniors Female A -73 / Middle (4 competitors)

1 – Alema Hadzic
Taekwondo Özer GER
2 – Maria Espinoza
Austria Open MEX
3 – Katarina Mihaljevi?
Čigra CRO
3 – Darija Husovic
Bayerische Taekwondo Union GER

Category: Seniors Female A +73 / Heavy (3 competitors)

1 – Keyla Avila
Honduras National Team Senior HON
2 – Lalli Goulamoussene
Team Gwanyong France Austria FRA
3 – Marlene Jahl
Team Upper Austria AUT



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