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(VOD) Special messages of a celebrity of Taekwondo!
Messages from WTF and Founder and former President of the Kukkiwon Dr. Un Yong Kim to Global Taekwondo Families in the Seoul office
기사입력: 2015/08/30 [14:48] ⓒ wtu


Messages from WTF and Founder and former President of the Kukkiwon Dr. Un Yong Kim to Global Taekwondo Families in the Seoul.

NAME : Un Yong KIM, DATE OF BIRTH : March 19, 1931
Political Science and Law College of the Yonsei University (BA),Seoul.
Graduate School of Yonsei University (MA).
PhD Course at Graduate School of Yonsei University.
Honorary Doctor of Political Science Yonsei University.
1961 Protocol Secretary to the Prime Minister & Foreign Minister.
1962 Lecturer, Dongduk Women's University.
1963 Counselor, Korean Embassy in Washington, Korean Mission to United Nations, Korean Embassy
        in London.
1965 Delegate to UN General Assembly.
1968 Chairman, Institute of Korean Studies(Korea Observer Quarterly).
1971 President, Korea Taekwondo Association.
1972 President, Kukkiwon. Constructed and Founded Kukkiwon.
       (World Taekwondo HQ) Established Instructor Training Academy. Unify all Taekwondo Kwans
       and promotion System.
1973 President, World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) Inaugurate 1st World Championships & World
       Taekwondo Federation.
1974 Vice President & Hon. Secretary General, Korean Olympic Committee.Vice President of Korean
       Amateur Sports Association.Win the bid of 42nd World Shooting Championships in Bern,
       Switzerland, first Olympic Sports World Championships in Korea.
1975 Affiliate WTF to GAISF in Montreal General Assembly.
1976 Taekwondo become CISM Sports. Lead KOC to Winter Olympics in Innsbruck. Lead Korean
       team to Junior World Fencing Championships in Poznan.
1980 President, World Games.
1980 Recognition of World Taekwondo Federation by IOC in Moscow IOC Session. Founded World
       Games of Non Olympic Sports and become Founding President.
1981 Win the 24th Summer Olympics in Badenbaden Olympic Congress. Organize 1st World Games
        in Santa Clara, USA.
1982 Advisory Council Member, Foreign Ministry. Organize IOC Recognized International Federations,
       and become Founding President. Affiliate Taekwondo as African Game Sports.
1983 Affiliate Taekwondo as Pan American Games Sports in Caracas, Venezuela.
1985 1st Vice President, Seoul Olympic Organizing Committee and Seoul Asian Games Organizing
1986 Member, International Olympic Committee (IOC). Vice Chairman of IOC Radio & TV Commission. I
       naugurate Taekwondo in Seoul Asian Games. Organize Taekwondo demonstration at Opening
       of Seoul Asian Games.
1986 President, General Association of International Sports Federations(GAISF) which groups all
       Summer & Winter Olympic Federations, Non Olympic Federations, and Multi-Sports organizations.
1988 Chairman, IOC Radio & Television Commission Taekwondo become Olympic demonstration
        Sport in Seoul Olympics.Sign TV contract with US, Japan, EBU, OIRT and OTI to bring Soviet
        Union and Eastern Blocs to Seoul Olympics.
1989 Hon, President, Korea Olympic Committee. Member of IOC Coordination Commission for 1992
        Barcelona Olympics.
1989 Member, Seoul Peace Prize Committee
1990 Member, IOC Coordination Commission of 1996 Atlanta Olympics.
1990 Special Envoy of the President of the Republic of Korea to Eastern Blocs countries.
1992 Vice President, International Olympic Committee.Inaugurate Taekwondo as Demonstration Sports
       in Barcelona Olympics for the 2nd time.
1992 Member, Presidential Delegation to UN.
1993 President, Korean Olympic Committee & Korea Sports Council Win the bid to organize Muju
       Winter Universiade at Buffalo, USA.
1993 Chairman, Miss Korea Contest by HanKook Ilbo.
1993 President, Then Hon. President, Yonsei University Sports Association.
1994 Member of Board of IOC Olympic Museum Foundation in Lausanne.
1994 President, Muju Winter Universiade Organizing Committee. Taekwondo become Hiroshima
       Asian Game Sports.
1994 President, Olimpic Africa Foundation.
1994 Adoption of Taekwondo as Official Olympic sports at Paris IOC Congress. One of 4 Organizers
       of IOC Congress as IOC Vice President.
1994 Lead Korean Team to Lillihanmer Winter Olympics and gain 4 Gold Medals(6th Place).
1995 Organize OCA General Assembly in Seoul.
1995 President, 1999 Kangwon Asian Winter Games Organizing Committee.
1995 Win the bid for 2002 Busan Asian Games & 97 Busan East Asian Games. President, 2002       
       Pusan Asian Games Organizing Committee (~2001) and
1997 Busan East Asian Games.
1996 Member, Foreign Policy Advisory Committee, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade
1996 Honorary Life President, World Games.
1996 Ambassador at Large.
1997 Advisor, Council of Advisors on Korean Unification, Ministry of National Unification
1997 President, Korea Boxing Federation
1997 Organize Busan East Asian Games. Honorary President of Osaka East Asian Games.
1998 As Chairman of Organizing Committee, of 10th Anniversary of 24th Olympiade in Seoul.
1999 Organize IOC Session in Seoul.
2000 Vice Chairman of Preparatory Committee for Inaugurating the Millennium Democratic Party
       (Ruling). Permanent Advisor to the President of the Millennium Democratic Party (Ruling).
2000 Member of Parliament. Member of Unification and Foreign Affairs & Trade Committee. Member of
       Korea-US Interparliamentary Exchange Council.
2000 Special delegate to North-South Korean Summit talks in Pyongyang
2000 Organize Joint march of North-South Korean delegations at Sydney Olympics Opening
       Ceremony. Organize Taekwondo Olympic program, the first in History.
2001 President of Korea-US Forum of Parliament.
2001 Adopt Taekwondo as official sport in 2004 Athens and 2008 Beijing Olympics at Mexico IOC
2002 Hon, President, Korea Oiympic Committee. Special Advisor to 2002 FIFA World Cup Football.
2002 Receive American Friendship award of Valley Forge Freedom Foundation in Philadelphia, USA.
2003 President of Sports Policy Forum of Parliament. Vice Chairman of Unification and Foreign Affairs
       & Trade Committee of National Assembly.
2003 Vice President, International Olympic Committee.
2004 Hon, President, World Taekwondo Federation.
2006-09 Visiting Professor, Law School of Keio University, Tokyo, Japan.
2006 Advisor, 2014 Incheon Asian Games Organizing Committee.
2008 Hon. Chairman, 2013 Gwangju Universiade Bidding Committee.
2009 Hon. President, American Sports University.
2009~14 Chaired Professor, Chosun University.
2009 Hon. President, Korea Taekwondo Association
2009 Advisor, Korean Olympic Committee.
2009 Hon. Chairman, Kukkiwon (World Taekwondo HQ)
2010 Advisor, 2015 Gwangju Universiade Organizing Committee.
2011~14 Chaired Professor, Myongji University.
1950 Commissioned as Lieutenant of ROK Army.
1951 ROK Army Infantry School (Basic Course) in Busan-Gwangju.
1953 US Army Infantry School (Basic Course) in Ft Benning, GA.
1956 US Army Anti-Aircraft Artillery & Guided Missile School in Ft Bliss, Texas.
1957 US Army Infantry School (Advanced Course) in Ft Benning, GA.
1959 Aide to Army Chief of Staff (Gen. Yochan Song).
1960 Aide to Chief KMAG (Gen. Hamilton H Howge).
1960 Senior Aide to Army Chief of Staff (Gen KyongNok Choi).
1961 Assistant to Defense Minister. Retired as Lieutenant Colonel. Holder of National Meritorios
       Achievement Certificate.
Lecturer, DongDuk University. Visiting Professor, KyungHee University.
Visiting Professor, Keio University, Tokyo.
Chaired Professor, Chosun University.
Hon. President, American Sports University.
Honory Doctor Degrees from Yonsei University,
Korea National Sports University, Yongin University,
Chonbuk National University, Wonkwang University,
US Sports Academy, Maryville University, Leningrad 6th University,
Mongolian National Industrial University.
World Taekwondo United News (세계태권도연합뉴스)
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